James Fearnley and The Walker Roaders, Whiskey Sunday

James Fearnley and The Walker Roaders, Whiskey Sunday

DJ Jake Nadrich

Tue · March 12, 2019

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Opening set will feature a selection of Pogues songs unplugged, with Ted Hutt (Flogging Molly) and Marc Orrell (Dropkick Murphys).

James Fearnley
James Fearnley
Fearnley was the last guitarist for the Nipple Erectors, the London-based punk band fronted by Shane Macgowan. In August 1982, Macgowan brought Fearnley in to be the accordion-player for a group to play Irish traditional songs fuelled by the punk ethos. The Pogues took off into international renown and ditched 12 years later after the ejection of their lead singer.
In the ‘90s and ‘00s Fearnley formed the group the Low and Sweet Orchestra which released the critically acclaimed album ‘Goodbye to All That’ and went on to co-found ‘a band of one-man-bands’ called Cranky George, with brothers Kieran and Dermot Mulroney. The Pogues reunified in 2001 and played around the world until 2014.
In the course of their thirty-year career, the Pogues inspired a generation of Celtic punk bands. Fearnley has now teamed up with Flogging Molly co-founder and Grammy Award-winning producer, Ted Hutt, and with Dropkick Murphys’s multi-instrumentalist, Marc Orrell, to form James Fearnley and the Walker Roaders. Their music splices the anthems of Celtic punk to the poetry of the Pogues.
James Fearnley – accordion and vocals
Ted Hutt – guitar
Marc Orrell – mandolin
Kieran Mulroney - violin
Brad Wood – bass
Bryan Head - drums
Whiskey Sunday
Whiskey Sunday
Los Angeles based Whiskey Sunday is Patrick Joseph Rieger, Liam Lewis, Vito Gutilla and Chad McKinsey. Rieger, from the icy-backstreets of Minneapolis, formed the band in 2012, combining his shared roots of Irish-folk with a hearty pour of Americana, prairie winds, and river-side cabin-hymns. The Midwesterner met Lewis and Gutilla in 2013, and they began writing what would become the definitive heartland-story for the Southern California audience. Whiskey Sunday will bring the lake-house out in any Irish-American, folk lover. They released "Holy Water" in 2014, on Tam O'Shanter Records. Music that asks you to pour something single-malt, sit on the porch, and sip reverently.
Venue Information:
2478 N Fletcher Dr
Los Angeles, CA, 90039