The Return of the Medicine Men & a Woman

Presented by Jesse Sharps / Jamael Dean & the Afronauts

The Return of the Medicine Men & a Woman

DJ Carlos Niño

Sun · January 13, 2019

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Return Of The Medicine Men
The ship of Human healing, is on course sailing the universe, with a global message in mind. A tribe of African SONS and DAUGHTERS born in the AmeriCIA’s. From the Western FRONTIER to the end of the Hemisphere.(IF YOU DON’T REMEMBER HOW OUR STORY WENT WE ARE NOT THE CHILDREN OF IMMIGRANTS).The Medicine Man’s Visual music and unique sounds we call, avant-grade. Express the many colors of world music. THE GATHERING taking place in Los Angele’s Liemert Park.


Jesse Sharps-reeds & accordion. Maia-flute, marimba, percussion & voice.

Kalum Harrison-drums & percussion. Junior Milton-Bass’s. BongoRasStarr-artist.
The Afronauts
The Afronauts are a jazz group led by 20 year-old pianist, Jamael Dean. The Afronauts consist of Jamael, bassist Lawrence Shaw, drummer Mekala Session, trombonist Zekkeraya El-Megharbel, saxophonist Devin Daniels, saxophonist/flautist Aaron Shaw, 5-string violist Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, percussionist Carlos Niño, and vocalist Sharada Shashidhar. The group formed around 2013, put together by these talented young musicians who shared a genuine love for music and blackness. They have since been very active in the LA music scene and are known for their raw, compelling and futuristic space compositions.
DJ Carlos Niño
DJ Carlos Niño
Carlos Gabriel Niño is an internationally celebrated producer, arranger, composer, musician, radio host, DJ, music consultant, writer, poet, and event organizer, based in his hometown of Los Angeles, California. He has been an important force in the contemporary independent music scene since 1995. A prolific artist, Niño has been involved in the production of more than 100 records and has toured with various bands and as a DJ throughout Europe, Japan and the United States.
Venue Information:
2478 N Fletcher Dr
Los Angeles, CA, 90039