Flaccid Mojo, Ornament, Warm Drag, Grave Zone

Flaccid Mojo


Warm Drag

Grave Zone

Sat ยท February 3, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

Flaccid Mojo
Flaccid Mojo
Bjorn and Aaron from Black Dice let their sandbox spill into the live realm, a zone of total vibe and discovery. Their relentless, infectious momentum is a launch pad for first-time moves and real-time psychedelic collage, matched and wrapped in the rapid fire technicolor visuals of Dice vid wiz Danny Perez.
Dense, roiling drone show from Joe DeNardo, who's best known as Growing but, adopts the Ornament moniker to signify something altered from his usual practice. It starts out with a folksy sort of dissonance and soon starts to curdle and keen in fascinating formations

While live Ornament shows have been known to test audience decibel tolerances with sounds ranging from guitar-based rawness to deeply effected, skrewed up percussion, the double entendre named "Protest Music" presents a distillation of those themes down to their essences, both positive and negative, utopian/dystopian. The complex sounds and images of "Protest Music" contend with the absolute grayness of existence."
Venue Information:
2478 N Fletcher Dr
Los Angeles, CA, 90039