Baths, D33J, SODAPOP (DJ set)

Baths, D33J, SODAPOP (DJ set)

Fri · November 24, 2017

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

For as long as Will Wiesenfeld has been Baths, he’s been trafficking in perfect—or, more often and more interestingly—near-perfect pieces of pop. After attending Hamilton High School’s vaunted music academy, the classically trained singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, first emerged in 2009, after a stint as [Post-Foetus] and the birth of another, still-active project known as Geotic.

His music, which merged the glitchy, punishing gloom of L.A.’s beat scene with sunnier melodies and vocals that often drifted into falsetto, was an instant sensation. It was as experimental as it was comforting, a warm blanket made from the rarest linens. Publications like Pitchfork heaped praise on his debut album, 2010’s Cerulean, which codified the sound; Obsidian, which followed three years later, in part chronicled Wiesenfeld’s recovery from a ghastly illness, and was even more well-received.

Romaplasm exists in the emotional crevices that are left unexplored in polite company or at stilted cocktail parties. Less outwardly grim than the darker half of Obsidian—but twice as bittersweet—this LP reimagines approachable pop songs as pieces of scaffolding that can be lived in, expanded and retracted, or torn down entirely.
D33J (of Wedidit / Anticon / NTS)
To hit play on D33J's long-awaited debut album is to tumble headlong into a rich sonic universe of captivating improbabilities. Where narcotic house music slow-pulses alongside deconstructed futuristic R&B and lush ambient dreamscapes. Where an astoundingly 3-D aural depth of field radiates with incredible intimacy. Where digital means of production are usurped by guitar play, analog synth, field recordings, or tape edits. Where experimentalism and accessibility aren't the least bit mutually exclusive. Perhaps that's why the taste-making Los Angeles producer and DJ named the project after a thing that doesn't, shouldn't, and couldn't exist: Death Valley Oasis.

We'd expect nothing less from D33J, who racks up plaudits whether he's rocking sweaty gigs with his Wedidit crewmates, producing blissed out rap tracks for Lil Yachty's albums and mixtapes, or composing solo songs that instantly immerse us in an ever-shifting grid of odd rhythms and melodies. It's all par for the course for someone who grew up in the hyper-cultural melting pot of Mid-City L.A., raised by a Rio-native father who promotes Brazilian cultural events and an East L.A.-born mother who, among other artistic ventures, designs elaborate Día de los Muertos coronas. The young Djavan Santos attended the city's esteemed (yet public) Hamilton High magnet school, joining the music program by falsely claiming he knew how to play guitar. But after taking a rare-for-its-time electronic music class, his talent became obvious. While there D33J not only met future tourmate and Death Valley Oasis collaborator Baths (see the beautiful four-four thumper "Wisp"), but played in bands with the surf-punkers who'd found FIDLAR, plus loaned his sweater to Odd Future's Syd in biology that one time. His path to now has never not been strange and fascinating, with stops at the San Francisco Art Institute for a degree in audio-visual design (which he plans to put to use on tour), and Hamburg for a two-month warehouse residency crafting tech-heavy interactive art installations, all while developing a peerless sound.
SODAPOP (DJ set) (of Dublab / Anticon)
SODAPOP is Shaun Koplow, head architect and manager for the anticon record label – a lover of cats, coffee, and certain collectables. Alongside friends Matthewedavid, Low Limit, and others, SODAPOP has thrown local LA serial parties such as Calling All Kids, HOUSEHOLD, HANG TIME, and more. He began djing at his college radio station (KALX) and also enjoyed a brief stint as a dj on San Francisco's now-defunct pirate station West Add Radio.
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2478 N Fletcher Dr
Los Angeles, CA, 90039