Dicky Bahto / Corey Fogel / Tashi Wada, Sahba Sizdahkhani

Dicky Bahto / Corey Fogel / Tashi Wada

Sahba Sizdahkhani

Sun · August 20, 2017

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Dicky Bahto / Corey Fogel / Tashi Wada
Dicky Bahto / Corey Fogel / Tashi Wada
A new collaborative performance by artists Dicky Bahto, Corey Fogel, and Tashi Wada. Their structured improvisation will feature generative imagery on multiple slide projectors, pitched metal percussion, keyboard, bagpipe, electronics, and sirens.

Dicky Bahto makes work utilizing still and motion picture photography, sound, installation, and performance, which he has shown at places including the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, the Huntington, REDCAT, San Francisco Cinematheque, Monday Evening Concerts, Jancar Jones Gallery, the wulf., and the Echo Park Film Center.

Corey Fogel is a drummer and artist currently living in Los Angeles, CA. His practice is based in spontaneous encounters often involving the intersection of sounds, objects, textiles, foods, frequently in collaboration with other musicians and artists. Fogel engages the viewer to consider sound as a medium on par with paint and cellulose. Fogel performs and composes in many rock, jazz, noise, folk, and chamber music ensembles.

Tashi Wada grew up in New York and lives in Los Angeles. His compositions use apparently simple structures and carefully calibrated tuning systems to generate rich and unanticipated perceptual effects. Wada presents his music often in close collaboration with other artists, in addition to performing regularly with his father Yoshi Wada. Wada runs Saltern, an imprint of Important Records, which he started in 2014.
Sahba Sizdahkhani
Sahba Sizdahkhani
Iranian multi-instrumentalist Sahba Sizdahkhani serves as a unique crossroad of East meets West. Inspired heavily by 1960’s free-jazz and Persian Traditional Music, he constantly channels the fire-energy and longing for connectivity that these two stormy histories represent.

Sahba has recorded with artists on the imprints of Dischord Records, Southern Lord, and Drag City, and has appeared live with Peter Brotzmann, Devendra Banhart, Miho Hatori (Cibo Matto), Marc Ribot, Eli Keszler, and Mary Halvorson. He completed a Bachelor of Arts at The University of Maryland in Art History and Archeology as well as in Jazz Performance at Berklee College of Music.

For this performance of 104-string santour and percussion, he will be channeling slow, long-form compositions coupled with primeval pulse-rhythms, based on the ancient spiritual ceremony of Sama: a ritual used by the Persian Sufi Dervishes to achieve a state of spiritual trance and numbness. Recent studies of the Sufis by scientists have found that, while under the influence of these rhythms, the chemistry of the brain changes causing a shift from anger to sadness to kindness to joy.
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2478 N Fletcher Dr
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