Malian master guitarist Mamadou Kelly + DJ Clifton

Malian master guitarist Mamadou Kelly + DJ Clifton

Sat · July 21, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

MAMADOU KELLY from the heartland of Mali's Niger River Delta. A guitar genius with a wry charm, KELLY has an encyclopedic knowledge of Malian music having accompanied for many years two of the greats, Ali Farka Toure and Afel Bocoum. A rich historical background supports his compositions and his group BanKaiNa’s virtuosic musicianship.

Mamadou Kelly
Mamadou Kelly
From the heart of Mali’s Niger Delta, the real roots of the blues - Mamadou Kelly. in his teenage years Kelly ventured to Niafunke to study music with master, Ali Farka Toure. Over the past 30 years he has played beside Toure, accompanied Afel Bocoum as a key member of the band Alkibar and performed with many of the greatest musicians from Mali. With an encyclopedic knowledge of Mali’s music, Kelly represents the link from the great traditions to the new sophistication from Mali. Heading his own band for over 6 years, Kelly’s stage charm belies a determined professional. His songs are deceptively simple and yet layered with meaning and rhythms. A rich, historical awareness supports his composition and delivery, gently prodding his audiences with parables and life’s lessons learned.

What critics have said about Kelly's recent recordings and concerts:

“At one level this is simple, quite lovely, rural-sounding music, but it is also layered and its complexity is only thinly disguised.” fROOTS #407
“classy ... gently hypnotic” Robin Denselow - Songlines #127
“you’re released, flying without wings, infused with a sense of having momentarily left the planet” Dennis Rozanski, Blues Rag 2017
"hypnotic desert blues" Bastiaan Springer, Lust for Life 2017
“Profoundly moving music” Martin Sinnock, SONGLINES #112
“A warm unaffected spontaneity” Mark Hudson, SONGLINES March 2014
“Guitar lines roll so effortlessly and virtuosically that one nearly becomes immune to its brilliant elegance.” Ian Nagoski, WIRE 2014
“The real roots of American blues and jazz” George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly
Venue Information:
2478 N Fletcher Dr
Los Angeles, CA, 90039